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Kid Dervin was an independent long-form improv group in New York City. They formed in April 2005, began performing in October 2005, and disbanded in August 2007.


Kid Dervin is Emily Askin, Scott Bullock, Chelsea Clarke, Steve Dressler, Brendan McMullen, Beth Newell, Steven Smith, and Achilles Stamatelaky.

The members of Kid Dervin originally met in Seth Morris' 201 class in March 2005. Kid Dervin members in that class included Emily Askin, Chelsea Clarke, Steve Dressler, and Achilles Stamatelaky. Brendan McMullen and Scott Bullock also took make-ups in that class. (Emily, Steve, Beth, and Scott knew each other from having taken Jackie Clarke's 101 class together.)

They formed a practice group, which also included Molly Robertson and Jared McGrail. Their first practice was held on Emily Askin's apartment roof. Joe Wengert was their first coach.

When Charlie Sanders eventually became Kid Dervin's regular coach, the group became one of the first teams Sanders coached regularly. He would often try out new exercises with them and hone his "tough love" approach to teaching improv.

Their first performance was on October 14th, 2005 with Fickle and Renegade 77 at the Access Theater.


The original cast consisted of Emily Askin, Scott Bullock, Chelsea Clarke, Steve Dressler, Brendan McMullen, Steven Smith, and Achilles Stamatelaky.

Beth Newell was added in August 2005 when everyone in the group realized she hung out with them a lot and was not an awful person.

Steven Smith left the group several months after their first performance to attend graduate school.

Cast Improv Credits

Chelsea Clarke was the first member of Kid Dervin to be placed on a Harold team when Tantrum was made in April 2006. She also replaced Shannon O'Neill on fwand, and currently performs with Bangs on Harold Night and The Assembly at The Magnet Theater.

Achilles Stamatelaky was the second and last member of Dervin to be placed on a Harold team when he was placed on T.R.U.C.K.S. in February 2007. He is also a member of the improv group Hot Lather which currently performs As The Diamond Burns, an improvised soap opera, at the UCB Theater.

Beth Newell was also a member of Blackout!, a group that performed "in the dark," and is currently a member of The Spin, a group that performs political improv. She was a finalist in the web reality show Project: Improviser.

Askin, Clarke, and Newell are members of the all-women improv group Bombardo.

Clarke, Smith, and Stamatelaky were members of The Fist Kisses, which had a 4-week winning streak when Improdome first started.


Coaches who worked with Kid Dervin extensively included Joe Wengert, Charlie Sanders, Adam Pally, and Zach Woods.

Improvisers Commonly Mistaken As Members of Kid Dervin

Emily Tarver, Molly Robertson, Rich Jordan.


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