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Kickable Dog is a long-form indie improv group born of trial and strife in the darkest recesses of the Upright Citizens Brigade Training Center. They came together after completing Brandon Gardners improv 201 class in the early fall of 2009.

They had their first show with Bombardoat Gotham City Improvin very early 2010.

Since then, they've performed in venues all over New York City, including The Creek and the Cave, Under St. Marks Place, Gotham City Improv, Parkside Lounge, Urban Stages, The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, Triple Crown, and The Magnet.

They've taken part in The Creek's "Up The Creek" Festival, The Del Close Marathon's Indie Cage Match, UCBW Cage Match and The Magnet's "Inferno".

Since November 2010, they've had a monthly show at The Creek And The Cave every first Sunday of the month at 6PM.

Members (past and present)

The current members of Kickable Dog are Tran Dinh, Billy Florio, Megan Lohne, Rocco Marrongelli, Jeff Miller and Kassia Miller

Former members include Jocelyn Deboer, Ryan Williams, Mike Frollo, Phil Jackson, Scott Holmes, Morgan Evans, JG Sugarbush, Julie Rukavina.


Oscar Magallanes

Fun Facts

  • Kickable Dog, along with DREAMBOAT! and Jump On Three are all part of one huge incestuous family. Thanksgivings are really weird.
  • Jeff has bled on every stage in New York City.
  • Kassia has made every member of the team feel awkward at some point.
  • Zach Woods once called Billy, Ryan and Frollo "real old time drunks" after a night of binge drinking and Bruce Springsteen serenading.
  • Tran is a minority.
  • Rocco can grow a killer mustache, but refrains from doing so, because it put everyone else's facial hair to shame.
  • They used to hang out in Triple Crown so often that all the waitresses knew their names and ages.
  • Their favorite warm up is "Circle Of Judgment", where Jeff tells everyone what he hates about them.
  • Megan is really a blonde and Scandinavian.
  • No one knows what happened to JG Sugarbush. We heard it was painful though.
  • Olivia Whelan and Emily Hoffman of Hens & Owls have called Kickable Dog their favorite team ever.
  • Jocelyn is the first Kickable Dog alumna to fake an orgasm on TV.
  • Kassia is sassy.