Kevin Patrick Robbins

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Kevin is the founder and artistic director of Toronto's Impatient Theatre Co. and the developer of the ITC Training Centre's core curriculum. He has been a featured instructor at the Chicago Improv Festival and is a lead instructor at the annual North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival.

His highly effective teaching style comes from his incredibly diverse training. He has studied with masters of the craft from all across North America: Toronto, Chicago and Los Angeles including such luminaries as Alan Arkin and Micheal Gellman (Second City), Mick Napier and Joe Bill (Annoyance Theatre), Bob Dassie, Craig Cackowski, TJ Jagodowski, Noah Gregoropolis and David Pasquesi (i.O. Theatre) and Todd Stashwick (Burn Manhattan, Hothouse STC). He puts this style to use onstage, in class and as a director/coach.

Amalgamating his various training experiences and lessons into a style that is rooted in character, relationship, truthfulness and authenticity, Kevin has developed a training program that encourages the empowerment of improvisers within the context of group improvisation.

Kevin has taught, coached and directed many of Toronto's top improvisers and comedians. He was the first coach for ITC's first house team Big In Japan and the all-female extravaganza WDWMKR. He has coached and directed performers on Mantown, PROJECTproject, The Sketchersons, the Second City Touring Company, the Second City main stage, and was as a private improv coach for the winner of the CTV show Second City's Next Comedy Legend.