Kevin Hines

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Kevin has performed on the UCBT Harold Teams Filth, The Rrrrrockets Mailer Daemon, fwand and The Scam. He is also a member of The Brothers Hines and founded Primal Bias. He has taught at the UCBT since spring 2008. Kevin is obsessed with the Boston Red Sox.

Long time associates of Kevin know that he is the possessor of a deep seated rage that can be triggered by antagonizing him regarding his opinions on improv, the validity of comic books as an art form, and the status of his favorite baseball team, the wretched Boston Red Sox, who despite breaking their recent tradition of being hardcore losers with loser fans, will never, ever, ever have a winning tradition matching the caliber of the righteous and true New York Yankees.

Kevin Hines coined the term "Cragged"


Booyar, a former classmate of Kevin's from school, continues to send Kevin gifts for Christmas.

Booyar loves Kevin Hines.


  • Kevin is the current coach of Fat Penguin and generally spends the first 20 minutes of practice talking to the team about UCB History, this is set off by the team waiting for its tardy members to arrive and kill some time. This could also spiral into a conversation about comic books.
  • Kevin Hines encourages people to kill Alan Starzinski... in scenes.