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Kelly Kreye is New York City based improv and sketch comedian based out of the Magnet Theater.


Kelly Kreye loves to perform. He also writes, directs, produces, plays music, plays hockey (both street and ice because that is what Canadians DO), travels, sits, walks, talks and rolls over. Even on command. He has been involved in comedy his whole life - once shooting himself in the hand with a b.b. gun. Funny right?

He has been studying and performing in New York City. He started with classes at the UCB and then moved over to the Magnet under the suggestion of a friend Michael. You know Micheal; red hair, glasses, looks like Trey Anastasio, shy, smokes, skinny. Yeah, Michael.

His past teachers have included, but aren't limited to - T.J Jagodowski, Dave Pasquesi, Armando Diaz, Jean Villipique, Kevin Mullaney, Michael Delaney, Jackie Clarke, Jeff Hiller, Charlie Sanders, Mark Grenier, Christian Capozzoli, Kimmy Gatewood, Ernie Privetera, Zach Woods, amongst many others.

He is proud to be or have been a member of the following groups: Magnet house team - Chet Watkins, The Future Mrs. Goldman, Gluttony, Ghost Fight, Reality TV Live and 9 Famous Irishmen. Recently he wrote/produced/directed and performs in the Hunter S. Thompson show Gonzo: A Night of Improvised Comedy. He thinks it is great. Well, it's okay. He kinda likes it. It's not bad. What do you think? Did I mention that he is indecisive?

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