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Keith Saltojanes is an award-winning* sketch and improv comedian, actor, director, and teacher currently residing in Los Angeles.

Performer Bio

Keith Saltojanes began his formal training of improvisation in 2004 while attending the University of Central Florida Conservatory Theatre and became one of the leading forces in the expansion of the Central Florida improv community. While there, he studied with Jeff Wirth (founder of StoryBox and Iplay) and later with David Knoell (alum of ImprovOlympic Chicago). He became a founding member of Central Florida's premiere long form improvisational group, The Derelict Toys, who went on to tour the United States and perform a multitude of shows and were called "One of the best improv troupes from around the country" by the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater.

After graduating with a Bachelors degree in Theatre Performance, he studied with Sak Comedy Lab and Richard Paul and began performing with Crash&Burn Comedy (an off-shoot of The Derelict Toys) and with short form group Absent Minded Improv, who he helped lead into performing a new long form show voted "Best of The Festival" at the annual Orlando International Fringe Festival.

Later, Keith Saltojanes relocated to Los Angeles and sharpened his skills at IO WEST, Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, The Groundlings, Second City, and with such improv luminaries as Charna Halpern, Miles Stroth, Susan Messing, Craig Cackowski, and Bob Dassie.

Among the many on-screen credits to his name, Keith has performed in hundreds of improv and comedy shows at such places as the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, iO West, theaters in Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles, and in multiple international comedy festivals. Keith currently performs weekly with another group he co-founded; resident iO West team, English Speaking Moose, and writes and performs with his sketch group, Brute Squad (winners of the 10th Annual Los Angeles Improv Comedy Festival Sketch Competition and Mainstage Headliner House Sketch Team as iO West).

Keith has been teaching improvisers, non-improvisers, actors, comedy groups, and corporate employees and executives the skills of improvisation all over the country and most recently at iO West in Hollywood, California.

As Teacher

While in Central Florida, Keith became one of the weekly teachers of the improv workshop called "Improv Gym" where students could learn and practice long form improvisation; the only place to do so in the region.

Once in Los Angeles, he founded the independent workshop ImprovLA, where he is the head instructor and hosts a podcast of the same name.

Other teaching credits include iO West and The Miles Stroth Workshop.


Current Shows

Past Shows

Keith has performed in hundreds of improv and sketch comedy shows and in a large number of different forms. Here is a partial list:


  • 5 Time Receiver of "Admirable Instinct For Writing", UCF One Act Festival (with The Derelict Toys)
  • 2 Time Official Selection of the Del Close Marathon, Upright Citizens Brigade Theater (with The Derelict Toys)
  • Nominee: 2011 Del Close Awards: Best DCT Show (with English Speaking Moose)
  • Nominee: 2012 INNY Awards: Best Instructor
  • Nominee: 2012 INNY Awards: Best Training Center (Improv-LA)
  • Nominee: 2012 INNY Awards: Best Long Form Group (with English Speaking Moose)
  • Official Selection: 2011 Los Angeles Improv Festival (with English Speaking Moose)
  • Official Selection: 2011 Valley Improv Festival (with English Speaking Moose)
  • Official Selection: 2011 Los Angeles Comedy Festival Spotlight Series (with English Speaking Moose)
  • Official Selection: 2006 Chicago Improv Festival's "Improv Through The Night" (with The Derelict Toys)


  • Keith is the creator of the long forms, Family Dinner.
  • In 2010, Keith, along with his group English Speaking Moose, wrote, directed, and performed in a sketch comedy pilot for IFC that was based off the Deconstruction and featured a member of The Family, Miles Stroth.
  • With The Derelict Toys, Keith once performed 36 hours of continuous improv for the show "Improv Through The Night" as part of The Chicago Improv Festival
  • Keith is also a trained clown and juggler.