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Officially titled Kathie Lee and the Legion of Good Meet Ricky Martin and the Loca Power Team, Kartoon Kaos was a show borne out of a Matt Besser level 4 class (ca. 1999). It was inspired by '70s Saturday morning cartoons like "The Super Harlem Globetrotters." The show was eventually made up of two teams. One team was led by Kathie Lee Gifford (Danielle Schneider), a Klingon (Billy Merritt), and Woody Allen (Drew Antzis). The other team consisted of Ricky Martin (Jason Mantzoukas), Sappity Tappity (Jon Daly), and The Android Mogo (James Eason). Professor Babyface (Chris Fosdick) gathered information via an audience interview (often rambling and geographically ridiculous) and delivered the "mission" to the team. The show was occasionally very funny, and by that I mean it was tolerably amusing precisely twice.