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Ka-Baam!! is an improvised comic book show that was originally performed with the Freestyle Repertory Theater, though later productions were independently produced at venues such as the UCBT and the PIT. The creator and original director, Stephen Wacker, has since gone on to become an editor for both DC and Marvel. Asaf Ronen has directed a production with Coldtown in Austin.

Past NYC performers have included: Jeff Miller, Victor Varnado, Jaime Andrews, Paul Scheer, John O'Donnell, Eliza Skinner, Adam Raichel, Isser Gallogly, Travis Ploeger (also, as music director), Asaf Ronen (also, as director), Adam Felber, Katharine Heller, Amy Rhodes, Michael Martin, Mister Clown, Eris Migliorini, Alyssa Weiss, Jamie Rivera, Dave Warth, Rob Schiffmann, Kusko (stage manager), Christine Turner, Tom Corrozza