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Gabrus has been studying at the UCB since 2003, and performed there in a slew of shows including: UCBW, Hot Sauce: 4th Floor Walk-up, The Documentary, Glue Trap Theatre. Harold Night (Mailer Daemon and fwand). He is one half of the duo Tybrus whose show, You're Out Too Far ran at the theater and abroad for over a year. Gabrus has written for The Spike Video Game Awards and an upcoming Spike sitcom in which he is also starring. Jonathan has written for the web too! Credits include: College Humor, Friendspacebook, Heavy, and a web sketch show entitled El Vacio. Gabrus has appeared on Late Night with Conan O' Brien, Best Week Ever, The Video Game Awards, Luncbbox on and a number of commercials and web videos usually as the slacker, or shirtless slacker. He has a BA in film production from Marist College.

Gabrus is legendary for his status as a gentle giant. Gabrus has the physical ability to hurt anyone on stage with him at any given time, although he never means it.

During one legendary Fwand rehearsal, a warmup devolved into Gabrus rampaging mindlessly around the room while every other member of the team tried to stop him from making forward progress. The combined efforts of seven other people couldn't get the job done. This despite Kevin Hines being physically strong, Greg Tuculescu being a black belt in tae kwan do, and most amazingly, Dominic Dierkes, a blue belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu, climbing Gabrus's back and sinking in a textbook rear naked choke that restricted the flow of blood to Gabrus's brain.

When he was in classes, Gabrus was known as a favorite of Michael Delaney. During class shows, Gabrus would often put on daring displays of physical dexterity. One of these involved scene partner Nick Ross climbing a chair and launching himself into the air over Gabrus's head. Gabrus jumped up behind him and caught him by his ankles with his head dangling mere inches from the floor.

Gabrus is from Long Island. He also played rugby in college, which once led to him drunkenly eating the carcass of a dead snake.