Johnny McNulty

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Johnny McNulty is an improviser based in New York City. He graduated from UPenn in December 2007, and currently works durin' the day as a researcher and admin person for The Institute for State Effectiveness, an NGO. He is also a writer of humor essays, some of which have appeared on McSweeney's or been featured on College Humor, and more often for his old humor-website The Dopple Gang, or his old college humor magazine The Punch Bowl.

Johnny also works as a freelance contributor for The Onion, and rather unsuccessfully so for Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update.

He can be seen performing all over NYC with Fat Penguin and Snacktime. Past teachers have included Shannon O'Neill, Zach Woods, Curtis Gwinn, Chris Gethard, Kevin Mullaney, Anthony King, Chris Kula, Charlie Sanders, Bob Acevedo, Michael Delaney, Billy Merritt, Will Hines and Charlie Todd.

Johnny McNulty easily has the best name ever. If he wasn't an improviser he'd be working on a dock or running numbers for the Westies.

Memorable Quotes

  • "Sir for my sister can't eat poo. So, for this show could you eat this, it's topoo."