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John Zachary Townsend is an improviser currently on the indie team SWOON. He was in the Gator 600 on the team Ghost Train.



The Original John Trowbridge

JoZaToa (like the calculator thing)



Pube Head


King and Queen of Hot Goss

Hatred of Boy Butter

JoZaToa is most famous for his hatred of indie supergroup, Boy Butter. "I love the product Boy Butter, but, I kinda hate that team," he once admitted.

JZT has given the suggestion at two Boy Butter shows: "Give Up" and "Embarassing Yourself".


Curlyboy is the founder of the Gethtards, a group of college-aged youth that wear shirts featuring Chris Gethard at Chris Gethard shows. He was even invited onto the Chris Gethard Show to explain himself, where he was told it was 'really weird' by Chris. JZT was half of the creative force behind the original Bus Tour. On the second bus tour, Pube-Head smoked weed with Chris's childhood friend Mike Dolan. He later made out with his friend Zoe Robyn, who had a boyfriend at the time. It was cool though.

Chicks, Right?

If you give JiZT your phone number, get ready to get texts at 3 am reading, "chicks, right?"

Always write back, "I feel you, man." Or else...

Standards and Practices

John co-wrote the show "Standards and Practices" with his Ellena Chewmielewski. It got a run at UCB and is generally considered to be pretty funny.