John Trowbridge

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John began perfecting his craft at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in February of 2007. He has studied under Porter Mason, Will Hines, Kevin Hines, Shannon O'Neill, Charlie Sanders, and Anthony King. John's stage history includes The End of the World, The Stepsons, The Hogwarts Improvisational Society and other unforgettable gems of improvisational comedy. John is very proud to be in the wonderful indie teams: The Fritz and The Thunderbird. John was one of four or five minds behind Wednesdays With Harold, a Harold Night for Indie teams.

John likes people a lot but his default facial expression makes people think otherwise.


  • John is from Schenectady, NY where NBC gave its first Television Broadcast
  • John is famous for his Bill Cosby impression. FAMOUS!
  • There is a town in England named Trowbridge. Some day John will go there when he claims his bride, Emma Watson.
  • A fortune teller once told John that he would have children young. This prompted him to get a vasectomy.
  • Few people realize that John is a green lantern - not the super hero; John has the ability to turn into a lantern that casts green light.
  • John once drank so much he bled Everclear.