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John Timothy is a New York based comedian. He is on the Harold Team Sandino at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre .

He performs around town with his indie teams Tesla and The Brood.He sometimes performs with Rare Candy and Romp, Romp, Romp. He used to perform with FUTURO, Mama's Little Baby, and Big Ass Movie but they needed some time apart to grow as individuals, you know?

John also wrestles with Eugene Ashton-Gonzalez as The Parker Brothers in the UCBW Cagematch.


  • John is from Indiana
  • John's dad looks like Josh Rachford's dad
  • John looks like John Mayer (like, a lot)
  • John once had a Collectible Card Game card made after him
  • John has a ball pit at his Brooklyn apartment
  • John really likes board games and is kind of a snob about it