John Sartori

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John Sartori hails from way upstate New York (exactly where is probably nowhere you'd recognize anyway, so don't worry about it).

He has been writing/performing sketch since August 2006 and currently is part of the sketch groups Busted Knuckle and Ay Que Funny. Since April 2008, he's been studying/performing longform improvisation at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in shows such as The Movie and with indie teams such as Supercrab, Half of 4 Cupcakes, and Wolfman.

He's appeared in numerous Mammal Sketch short films, voice over projects, and animated shorts. He made his television debut as a glorified extra on "30 Rock" and "Rescue Me." He can also eat food like any animal... really, really accurately. You should watch it some time. It's scary how accurate it is.