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Joe Wengert is a teacher and performer at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre.

He is a member of the Upright Citizens Brigade Touring Company and can be seen every Saturday night with house team "Reuben Williams." Joe also performs sketch and improv with Krompf. Joe has performed in or written for a number of improv and sketch shows since 2002 including Sketch and Awe, Your Favorite Thing, GameFace, Instant Cinema, and Dillinger. Joe teaches at the UCB Training Center, where he also works as the Academic Supervisor. He edited the UCB Manual, and was described by Will Hines as a de facto co-author of the book. Joe has appeared on VH1 and a few national commercials. He is currently a writer for the Onion News Network.

Joe is known to use the word "chewbacca" in place of the word "dude."

Wengert is many many many many many people's improv hero/role model. He is also the "King of the World."

Joe currently performs on The Smokes.

Hometown: Abington, PA