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Jocelyn Ranne is from Oklahoma, where they breed the cattle and women to be beautiful and strong. She has a BA in Theatre from Yale University, where she performed with the improv group THE VIOLA QUESTION. (It's a real question, only improvisers would ask it.)

She moved to NYC in 2007 and began studying at the UCB, where Shannon O'Neill, Zach Woods, Kevin Hines, and Anthony King taught her to believe in herself and communicate. In 2009 she also began studying at the Magnet - with Armando Diaz, Louis Kornfeld, Mark Grenier, and Alex Marino-and found a home at the CayMichael Patton Studio to deepen her craft of acting.

Jocelyn likes to make stuff - collages, scenes, smiles, dinner, vegan bakedgoods - she also loves bikram yoga, playing the violin, sending people letters, face masks, animals, and plants.

She performs with The Macroscene, the Harem, and, at one point, MADAM.