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The members of Jessica all met in Jet Eveleth's Level 2 class at the iO Theater in Chicago, Il during the spring of 2007, bonding over a shared love of Ghostbusters and organic transitions. They have been peforming steadily since the fall of that same year. They often perform in 'The Show Below' at Crocodile - Leo Garcia also performs in Sabotage at iO Chicago (and is a regular at the Big-Little Comedy Fest.

Their form "One At A Time" was nominated for and won a Del Award at the Del Awards 7.5 in 2008.


Lindsey Finn, Nikhil Gahlawat, Leonardo Adrian Garcia, Courtney Hummel


Mark Piebanga


Del Close Marathon (2008)
Kalamazoo Improv Festival (2009)
Del Close Marathon (2009)
Baltimore Improv Festival (2009)
Kalamazoo Improv Festival (2010)
So Ill Comedy Festival (2010)
Chicago Improv Festival (2010)

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