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Jesse Lee is a member of Dreadnought, and formerly Postfontaine and [[[Mama's Little Baby]]. He graduated from Haverford College where he was a member of the long-form improv team, The Throng. Jesse is also one half of the sketch writing team, Wagonforce.

Jesse has studied under Charlie Todd, Charlie Sanders, Erik Tanouye, Zach Woods, Shannon O'Neill, and Chris Gethard.

His favorite harold teams ever were The Shoves, fwand, and 1985. Predictable.

Real weird dude.


  • Jesse Lee makes wonderful dank meals at his pad, in Brooklyn.
  • He is engaged.
  • If he changes this part of his wiki again his dick will be removed with a knife.
  • Isn't intimidated by Alan Starzinski.
  • Has an additional secret dick.