Jamie Rivera

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An improvisor in New York.

Jamie began his improvisational career as a member of Citrus, a short form group at Rutgers University. He was one of the early members of the group, and went on to help cast other notable improvisers such as Katie Dippold, Tarik Davis, Chris Gethard, and Mike Cavanaugh into their first experiences with improvisation. Notably, Rivera rejected Chris Gethard from being a part of the group until his third audition. Gethard brings this up as often as possible.

Rivera and Gethard are still roommates to this day, living in a cozy and cheap two bedroom in Woodside, Queens. Ask Gethard about what it is like to live with Rivera and he will say it is generally fine but weird at times. Ask him to tell you about the time he woke up in the middle of the night and Rivera was stealing his VCR from his bedroom, or how Rivera recently changed their wireless internet key and did not write down the new password.

In turn, Rivera can tell you many stories of Gethard crying, eating too many Oreo cookies, and getting angry over nothing.

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