James "Cubby" Altobelli

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is a member of Philadelphia-based longform improv duo Whipsuit! Since 2008 he has been an instructor at the Philly Improv Theater (PHIT).

"Cubby" Altobelli is a native New Jerseyian, and a member of the Philadelphia-based Whipsuit!, a comedy-duo that also features Rick Horner. In addition he has performed shortform improv with ZombieShark and is part of the improv rock band Velvet Helmet. Offstage, Cubby has served as director for Angry People Building Things (who set the record for longest Philly CAGEMATCH winning streak from February to August 2008). Cubby was first introduced to improv while earning a degree in Dramatic Arts at St. Mary's College Maryland, and has subsequently studied improvisation with Keith Johnstone, the creator of Theatresports and author of the book Impro.