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==External Links==
==External Links==
* [http://www.ironycity.com/ Official Website]]
* [http://www.ironycity.com/ Official Website]
[[Category:Improv Groups]]
[[Category:Improv Groups]]

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Irony City is a Pittsburgh-based troupe that performs both long form and short form improv.


Irony City is:



Our short form is relationship-based, and focuses on scene over game mechanics. We use the rules of the game as discipline to allow our creativity to be focused elsewhere.

We also perform a number of long form formats including:

  • Ironarchy (free-form: scenes, group games, monologues, weird stuff)
  • Play It By Ear: an improvised narrative one act play
  • An Improvised Musical Fairy Tale (we have a flavor of this for children or for an adult audience)
  • Various other forms (La Ronde, Balladeer, Harold, etc.)

External Links