Iron Ruckus

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Iron Ruckus was formed in April 2008. Their first show was on May 16 2008 with Rogue Elephant at Under St. Mark's Theater. Other names considered were The New Ruckus, The Marauders, X-Men 2099 #1, Ferrous and Bryce and the Dallas Howards.


Dan Black, Dave Bluvband, Dustin Drury, Domenico Manzollilo, Bryce Richardson, Brett White and Laura Zeis.

Past Members

Jill Donnelly, Brian Glidewell and Sandy Rustin Fleischer


Amey Goerlich, Joe Wengert, Joe Spellman and Brian Faas.

Other Group Overlap

Iron Ruckus was jokingly referred to by The Stamp & Coin Club member Adam Bozarth as the Traveling Wilbury's of his improv generation.