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Interrobang‽ is a Los Angeles-based improv comedy group, currently holding the record for most cagematch wins at IO WEST's Monday night's show, Cherry Crush.


Originally formed in 2011, Interrobang‽ is comprised mainly of alumni of Pepperdine University and former members of the improv team PIT (Pepperdine Improv Troupe).

They're first public appearance as Interrobang‽ was when they competed against Staple at IO West's Cherry Crush. They have also played in the Del Close theatre in English Speaking Moose's One Hour Improv Festival, the Neon Venus Art theatre, Hot Improv Nights, and PrismBox.


  • Sethward Allison
  • Zach Garrett
  • Erika Varela
  • Mishy Turner
  • Blake Curtis
  • David Mckee
  • David Sheftell
  • Kyle Helf

Former teachers include:

  • Tracy Burns
  • Allen Simpson