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InterCity Improv is an online-based improv community started by Faustino F. Solis III on Sunday, March 29th, 2020 as a reaction to COVID-19 pandemic closing theatres and to give players without regular access to theatres a place to play.

It started with the InterCity Long Form Improv Jam, a weekly jam featuring musical and non-musical sets accompanied by Faustino himself on keyboard. It quickly added a headliner at the end of the jam, pre-recorded sketches to highlight the creativity of community members, and a crew of volunteers to help run the event.

Shortly after the start a weekly, 3-hour musical workshop was added for anyone interested in practicing and learning more about musical improv. This late changed to the bi-weekly Musical Jam.

A Saturday Toast & Jam runs weekly, where jammers are put into 3 back-to-back sets with no audience.

In December 2020, the bi-weekly InterCity Short Form Jam and Open Mic were added as recurring events.

From Thursday, March 25th, through Sunday, March 28th, InterCity had the inaugural InterCity Improv Festival, featuring 12 workshops, 13 jams, 26 sets, a headliner, and an interview with Faustino.