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Team History

Instant Cinema performed the Movie at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre from April 2004 to December 2005.

It was created from two 4P (performance level) Movie classes that were taught by Dyna Moe, Brian Huskey, and Seth Morris, who were all cast members in the earlier incarnation of the Movie, Feature Feature.

The Instant Cinema Database ( catalogued many of Instant Cinema's performances, including characters, title, and genre of improvised film. It was created and maintained by cast member Kirk Damato.

Home Theatre



Founding members: Anthony Atamanuik, Neil Casey, Kirk Damato, Matt DeCoster, Kate Emswiler, Angeliki George, Curtis Gwinn, Dave Martin, and Zach Woods.

Later additions: Silvija Ozols replaced Kate, Joe Wengert replaced Curtis.

Visiting performers/alternates: Stephen Gardella, Chris Gethard, Brian Huskey, Dyna Moe, Seth Morris, and Dave Thunder.


Dyna Moe


2005 Toronto Improv Festival (performed "The Genteel of Ole Virginny")