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Indie Cage Match at UCB east started on November 6th 2011 Hosted by Amey Goerlich & Ryan Karels of Indie team Krompf. Originally Amey Goerlich pitched the idea to UCB AD at the time Nate Dern. Amey has been booking, coordinating and producing the show from November 2011 to November 2016. The Assistants on this show have been Cory P. Willis, Evan Boshi, Zak Roland, Jerah Mulligan, Justin Byrne & Matthew Santiago


-Each team gets 15 minutes to perform followed by fun and whimsical comments from the panel. This is an opportunity for indie teams (in contrast to theatre house teams). We define “indie team” as a team containing no more than 50% house team members

-All team members must have taken at least Level 2 at UCB (or equivalent. Left to discretion of show organizers.) Your starting cast list must remain the same. You cannot add members that are not in your original cast list if you win and continue to compete. If you have cast missing for one they can join for other shows.

-Winner comes back to compete the following week. Losing teams can submit again for a future spot. Once a team has won three times in a row they get a future spot at CAGE MATCH NYC at UCB Chelsea; additionally, after three wins a team is retired from Indie Cage Match for that season.

-The winner is determined from both audience voting and voting from a panel of three judges. Each of judge gets one vote and the audience pick (as determined by a popular ballot vote at end of show) gets two votes. different Distinguished Panel (comprised of a Comedy Vet and an Indie Darling) will decide 3 / 5 of the vote, while the audience will decide 2 / 5 of the vote for each show. If a team wins 3 times in a row they will automatically be awarded a spot in Cage Match NYC, and retired from Indie Cage Match for the season.

-Starting November 2016 The show will not have a panel of judges. You have to win the audience vote to move on to the next show.

How To Submit

To submit your team please send an email with full cast names and highest improv training level of each team member to indiecagematchucbeast AT

Inaugural Indie Cage Match



CSO: Dave Bushnell, James Coker, Shalyah Evans, Ken Beck, Austin Rye, Marshall Stratton

Beatloaf: Taylor Newhall, Rachel Rosenthal, Paul Dome

Curtains: Anthony Apruzzese, Molly Evensky, Dan LoPreto, Jenna Marucci, Caitlin Puckett, John Purcell

Chicago Improv Festival

In 2012, Indie Cage Match traveled to the Chicago Improv Festival, where they had an ICM Champions Showcase. The show was hosted by Amey Goerlich and Joe Bill at Chemically Imbalanced Comedy.

The show featured North Coast, Curtains, The U.S. National Improv Team, P.i.G., and Warren.

Indie Cage Match Champions

In order of victory:


- North Coast (12/04, 12/11, 12/18)


- The U.S. National Improv Team (01/08, 01/15, 01/22)

- P.i.G. (02/05, 02/12, 02/19)

- Warren (02/26, 03/04, 03/11)

- Nobody's Token (03/25, 04/01, 04/08)

- Out of the Woods (05/13, 05/20, 05/27)

- Greasy Lake (06/24, 07/08, 07/15)

- Upstate (08/26, 09/02) 2Prov Competition

- Rocky Vee (07/29, 09/09, 09/23)

- Mendoza (09/30, 10/07, 10/14)

- Tickles (10/21, 11/04, 11/11)


- Scrambled Legs (12/16, 12/30, 01/06)

- Powder Keg (01/20, 01/27, 02/03)

- Sea Tea Improv (02/10, 02/17, 03/03)

- Stripe Club (06/01, 06/08, 06/15)

- Hungry Boys (06/22, 07/06, 07/13)

- Kik & Linds (08/31, 09/07) 2Prov Competition

- Gentle Touch (09/28, 10/05, 10/12)

- big make me. (11/02, 11/09, 11/16)

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