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= Links =
= Links =
* [https://improvinaction.com/ Improv in Action web site]
* [https://improvinaction.com/ Improv in Action web site]
* [https://improvinaction.fandom.com/wiki/Improv_in_Action_Wiki Improv in Action Fandom page]
* [https://improvinaction.fandom.com/wiki/Improv_in_Action_Wiki Improv in Action wiki]

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Improv in Action is an improv podcast network and series of improv-related projects, as well as a podcast of the same name, created by Jim Karwisch.

Projects and podcasts include:

  • The Improv in Action podcast
  • Your Secret's Safe with Gus (podcast)
  • The Improvcast with Jay and Landon
  • Hitchiker's and Appetizers (podcast)
  • The DuMore Improv Podcast
  • The Art of Yes podcast
  • ImproxUV
  • Today Improv with Jay Sukow