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Improv-LA is an improvisational training center based in Los Angeles, California.

The school was formed by Keith Saltojanes in 2010 and uses an original improv teaching method that is both streamlined and well-rounded bridging gaps between multiple styles and schools from around the country.

The program is made up of a three level structure that takes a minimum of a year to fully complete, with additional elective classes available at any time. New sessions are held every two weeks, with anywhere from three to eight classes going on at any given time.

In addition to holding these foundational classes in Los Angeles, Improv-LA is considered the first "international school of improvisation" and its teachers travel extensively around the world holding workshops for various cultures.


Improv-LA focuses heavily on an environment that nurtures and strengthens individual student's strengths and own creativity. Each level of classes builds off of the previous one using a full range of styles from both long form and short form improv that gives the course easy stepping stones for a variety of students with different backgrounds.

The classes commonly hold a mix of creative types (professional actors, writers, directors) and business professionals, all working towards the common goal of fully immersed creativity through the skills of improvisations.


The unique style of teaching has led Improv-LA to be recognized in a number of ways. In 2012, Improv-LA received the Los Angeles Community Award for both Best Special Interest School and Best Instruction. They were presented with the same award again in 2013 and 2014.

It's founder, Keith Saltojanes won the INNY Award for Best Instructor in Improvisation in 2013 and was nominated as Improv Coach of the Year at the annual Del Close Awards that same year.

In 2015, Forbes featured the school in its magazine calling its founder "extraordinarily gifted, very much a Miles Davis" in the article named Four Reasons To Take an Improv Class.

In addition, two of the school's top instructors hold the Guinness World Record for Longest Continuous Improv Show at 150 hours.

in 2018, Improv-LA announced they are writing their first book.


Improv-LA is known as "international school of improvisation" as its founder and teachers extensively travel the world holding workshops for various cultures and bringing the art and skills of improv to new locations.

Some of the places they've taught workshops abroad include Japan, Ireland, France, Scotland, and England, and Thailand. Most recently they traveled to Beijing to introduce long form improvisation to China leading the students there in performing the first ever Chinese spoken Harold.

Corporate Clients

Improv-LA is highly requested to hold corporate creativity sessions for some of the biggest companies in the world. Past clients they've worked with include: Walt Disney Studios, Netflix, Fox Animation Studios, Electronic Arts, NBC-Universal, IBM, CBS Television, Kaiser Permanente, United Way, Blue Shield, UCLA, Tishman Speyer, HGTV, Oxygen Network and is a yearly guest speaker at The University of Southern California.

In popular culture

Improv-LA has been featured on a number of television programs (most notably on the thirteenth season of Bad Girls Club) and many popular Youtube channels viewed by over 20 million people.

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