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Improlympia! is an annual festival of Improv, Sketch and Standup comedy in Olympia, WA. It is presented by The Evergreen State College's student comedy organization, Generation Friends.


  • Host Group: Generation Friends/ The Generation Friends Alumni Association
  • Location: The Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA
  • Dates: May 27th-29th
  • Submission Deadline: March 20th, 2013
  • First Year: 2009 (as Evergreen Improv Festival)

2009 Lineup

Blood Squad (Seattle, WA), The Collective (Seattle), The Congregation (Spokane, WA), Fools Play (Olympia, WA), Generation Friends (Olympia), Improv Robot (Olympia), Quiet Monkey Fight (Seattle), Unexpected Productions (Seattle)

2010 Lineup

The Collective (Seattle, WA), Delinquent Accounts (Bellingham, WA), Generation Friends (Olympia, WA), Improsia (Seattle), Mark and Corbin Hate Each Other (Olympia), Nelson/Hitchcock/Pineda (Los Angeles, CA/Olympia/Seattle), Quiet Monkey Fight (Seattle), The SheSpot (Bellingham), Super Mega Art Show (Seattle), Turbo Turkey (Auburn, WA), Unexpected Productions (Seattle), 1-2-3 U.S.A! (Los Angeles/Olympia)

2011 Lineup

Arsonist's Toolkit (Los Angeles, CA), Carskee (Seattle, WA), Danger Snack (Los Angeles, CA), The DK and Morgan Show (Bellingham, WA), Generation Friends (Olympia, WA), Human Prop (Seattle, WA), Improsia (Seattle, WA), Legion (New York, NY), Nerdvana (Los Angeles, CA), Quiet Monkey Fight (Seattle, WA), The Shespot (Seattle, WA)
Special guest hosts: The Peter 'n Chris Show (Vancouver, BC), Super Mega Art Show (Seattle, WA)

2012 Lineup

Generation Friends (Olympia, WA), Drop The Root Beer And Run (Seattle, WA), Worst Case Scenario (Seattle, WA), Opposite (Austin, TX), Fat Kid Magic (Seattle, WA), The Upfront Party (Bellingham, WA), Upstate (New York, NY), Street Lightning (Los Angeles, CA), Rap Crimes Division (New York, NY), Silky Boys (Los Angeles, CA/Olympia, WA), Cat Pack (Seattle, WA), Girls With Power Tools, (Seattle, WA), Jason And Spike (Seattle, WA)


Submissions to Improlympia! are free! Email the following to

Group/performer name:

Type of show: (Improv/Sketch/Standup)

Contact name and email:

Cast (if applicable):

Description of show:

Technical Needs (If your show has light or sound cues other than at the beginning or end you must provide your own tech person):

Where have you performed? (Theaters, Shows, Festivals, ect.):

Link to video (required):

Out of state performers will be paid a small stipend to help compensate for travel costs, and every effort will be made to provide lodging and drunk fun times (We've been successful at this every year).