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Improdome is a free improv jam at The PIT. It takes place every Wednesday night at 11:00pm as part of The PIT's Super Free Wednesday. It is open to the public.


Improdome is currently hosted by members of Grey Area. Past hosts include Lucas Hazlet, Julia Morales, Oscar Montoya, Diana DePasquale, Mark Grenier, and Chris O'Neil.


The show picks jam performers at random and puts them on a team together. They have an alloted time to perform together before they are blacked out and a new group is called. Hosts alternate working the booth and mic, mixing high energy games and bits throughout the show to keep the audience pumped up late into the night.

Older formats included a competative aspect, where the audience would vote for their favorite team at the end, and that team would return the following week to defend their Improdome crown.

Recurring Teams and Sets