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ImproVérité: The Documentary is a group that specializes in performing improvised documentaries. They were formed out of a special 600 level class at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre taught by Porter Mason from February to April 2008. The group performed in a Spank show at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in July 2008.


ImproVérité: The Documentary consists of Adam Bozarth, Dustin Drury, Sam Bradford, Matt Mayer, Phil Weintraub and Brett White.

Past Members

Kristen Aldrich, Shannon Coffey and Beth Newell performed with the team for their Spank peformance. Other members of the class were Ari Scott, Laura Zeis, Matt Pavlovich, Stephen Michael Rondel, Lauren Reeves, Mike Giannelli and Nathaniel Freedberg.

Documentaries Performed

ImproVérité: The Documentary has performed documentaries about:

  • Woodstock '09
  • A small town prostitution ring
  • Cover bands
  • Rehab
  • A family coping with plastic surgery
  • Two girls that love LARPing
  • Mascots
  • Life at the circus