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This is the Improv Wiki for the Improv Resource Center, a website devoted to the art of long form improvisation.

To contribute to this wiki, create an account and get writing. Please use your real name when creating a wiki account and/or create an account with the same name as you use on the main IRC.

There is a thread on the ImprovResourceCenter forum where we will discuss the wiki as it develops.

What Now?

The first thing you might do is check to see if there is a page for the item you might want to add. For instance, let's say you know a bit about the show TJ & Dave. Type 'TJ & Dave' into the search box and press Go. If the page exists, you will be taken there, if it doesn't exist, you will have the option of clicking a link to create that page.

Once you have the page, start writing. There are many ways to attack it. For instance, you might start by adding categories, or you might add some headers. Be sure to check out the help/FAQ page for more info on how to format a page. But don't let that stop you from adding. If you like, just start typing and leave it up to someone else to format it and categorize it.

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