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Huxtable was a Lloyd Team at UCBeast from September 2012 to April 2013. They made their debut on September 26, 2012.


Todd Bieber, Dylan Donahue, Tracey Gordon, Martha Hearn, Jesse Lee, Vincent Moore, John Purcell, Jennifer Leigh Schwerer


Huxtable performed the Pattern Game for their first three months as a team before switching to an Invocation in the style of Sandino.

Notable Shows

Lloyd Night, December 26, 2012

Due to the holiday, only two members of Huxtable were present for this show, Tracey Gordon and John Purcell. They performed a two-person Harold off the suggestion "Skittles" that prompted Will Hines to jump on stage immediately afterwards and tell the audience, "That was a terrific set and everyone who saw it will remember it. Students, go and tell your friends about that."

"Lloyd Night, April 17, 2012"

During second beats, Pat Baer was heard over the tech booth mic commenting on how long the show was running, and that Huxtable was not editing hard enough. The group turned their 3rd second beat into a scene involving a drunk and jealous character played by Todd Bieber attempting to seek out the source of the criticism in a belligerent drunken rage by running through the aisles of the theatre. Pat Baer was horrified and felt terrible. Huxtable hugged him after the show.

Intro Song

For the first 4 months of Huxtable's run, their intro song was Schlacthofbronx's Dickie Riddim. The lyrics were at first indiscernible, until one show everyone on Huxtable realized she was singing:


tight pussy tight pussy


tight pussy tight pussy


tight pussy tight pussy

pussy tight pussy"

After a couple weeks it was changed to some Black Keys song.

Former Members

Caroline Cotter, Carrie McCrossen