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A longform improv group performing regular shows in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They perform on a regular basis in the Pittsburgh area. For show dates see their website

Hustlebot The People

Anne Marie Sweeney
David Fedor
John Feightner
Larry Phillis
Joe Wichryk II

Hustlebot The Shot

Hustlebot is one of the only comedy troupes to have a drink named after them. Here is how to make Hustlebot The Shot.

In a shot glass combine...
2/3 Absolute Citron
1/3 Goldsleger
Drop into rocks glass with...
6oz Bonzi Energy Drink

Hustlebot Films

Hustlebot produces short films and trailers which can be viewed at and on

48 Hour Film Project

Husltebot has produced at least one film for the 48 Hour Film Project.


Audience Award 48 hour film project Pittsburgh 2009
2nd place 48 hour film project Pittsburgh 2009
Best Writing 48 hour film project Pittsburgh 2009
Best use of line 48 hour film project Pittsburgh 2009

Sexiest troupe controversy

Hustlebot claims to be the sexiest improv troupe in existence. This is mostly due to member Larry Phillis, who once melted a King's restaurant waitress with his piercing gaze and bronze beard visage. He calls this the Sex Stare.