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Herschel is an independent improv team performing in New York City. They have been actively performing since January of 2010.


The members of Herschel had performed together in the group Rooster for almost a year before the dissolution of the group. Herschel began rehearsing in the spring of 2010 with an idea to form a group identity in practice before doing shows. With the majority of the team being based primarily out of The People's Improv Theater, the group made their official debut as a headliner at The PIT on July 13th, 2010. They have since performed as openers and headliners in numerous PIT shows featuring other prominent PIT-based indie teams including Goldie and the Hawns, Swords, Creative Differences, Wizard Duel, Handsometown and more. They have also performed in numerous shows and jams at different venues across the city.

Performance Style

Herschel is self-described as "the biggest, most delicious, most unhealthy improv cheeseburger you could ever eat". As the members of the group have now been performing together in some incarnation for almost three years, dating back to early sets at Improdome and New Team Lunacy in the months leading up to the creation of Rooster, Herschel prides itself on the level of freedom and comfort they feel with each other on stage.

They begin some shows by performing The Glory, an opener that has gained them much notoriety amongst The PIT community.

With the hectic schedules of everyone in the group, shows now typically follow some type of form established by the group minutes before they go on stage.

Memorable Shows

On August 3rd, 2010, Herschel performed The Sex Pistols Show.

In September of 2010, The Peoples Improv Theater hosted the 2nd annual SketchProv competition. Herschel performed the following shows:

Line-Up Change

The group originally featured six players, but in early September, original member Melanie Minichino moved to Los Angeles after being hired by The Disney Channel. After much debate and outside speculation, Herschel decided to leave her spot unfilled and has remained a five-person group since.

Current Members

Former Members


Herschel has performed in the following comedy festivals:


Herschel was coached and directed by Joe Schiappa for most of 2010, but have since not held practice sessions.