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Hello Laser is an improvisational comedy group formed in 2006 by Armando Diaz. Its four members are Alan Fessenden, Corey Grimes, Alex Marino, and Dave Warth. Originally formed to play at Megawatt at the Magnet Theater, they now perform as part of Thursday Night Out at The Magnet Theater.


Past members of the group include Paul W. Downs, Justin Akin, Peter McNerney, Elana Fishbein, Dave Thunder and Nick Kanellis. They've been coached by Armando Diaz, Tara Copeland, James Eason, and Kurt Braunohler. With Armando, they created the show Unplugged which ran at the Magnet in 2008. Currently, they are coached by Louis Kornfeld and, with him, have developed a form called The Snapshot.