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Improvaganza is the brain child of local improviser and festival executive producer Garrick Paikai. It was first produced in November of 2006 by Smash Box productions and Paikai’s own improv group, ON THE SPOT IMPROV. Improvaganza 1 featured four Local improv acts with the sole purpose of giving local improvisers a place to showcase their talents and providing entertainment for Hawaii audiences. The festival raised the profile of the Hawaii improv scene and inspired new improvisers to start their own acts. The one night event sold out, turning away people at the door.

The following year OTS and Smash Box teamed up again to produce Improvaganza 2. This time the festival would feature two nights of Performances, adding an extra two acts to the bill. Producers focused their attention not only on continuing to showcase local talent, but also on presenting improv as theatre and providing information to the public on improv classes being taught around Oahu.

In 2008, and 2009, the festival expanded again. Improvaganza 3 and 4 were held on three nights at several venues and featured improv groups and acts from all around the world, including groups and acts from Seattle, Chicago, New York, Austin, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Arizona, Hawaii, and Stockholm Sweden. The festival also held exclusive events, after parties, and it’s first ever public workshop

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