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Team history

Harsh began as a 600-level class show at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in 2005, and continued performing as an independent group at "Juvie Hall" at the Gene Frankel Theater. Harsh also performed several times at the Del Close Marathon, the Toronto Improv Festival and the Philadelphia Improv Festival.

Harsh performed the improvised tragedy, seeking to portray the darker side of life in its scenework and resulting in performances that had strong elements of both tragedy and comedy.

Their performance style included such interesting techniques as cross-fade edits and solo scene starts. Harsh was heavily influenced by the Annoyance Theatre; many of Harsh's performers took workshops with Joe Bill and Mark Sutton of the Annoyance.

Home theatre



Founding members: Brigid Boyle, Michelle Dobrawsky, Kassi Dougherty, Lauren Hunter, Tommy Lanoie, Eileen Malone, Evan Morgenstern, John Montague, Mikal Reich, Michael Marrinoff, Ashley Sronce, Claire Wyckoff. Betsy Stover joined the group in late 2005.


Ari Voukydis. Michelle Dobrawsky acted briefly as assistant director.