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Hal Phillips is a New York City-based improviser who performs mainly at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre and Under St. Marks.

Current Improv Groups

Former Improv Groups/Shows

Organized roughly from longest-lasting to shortest-lasting:

UCB 600 Shows

Former Sketch Projects

Improv Teachers

This does not count subs, but does count people he took one-time workshops with.

Bob Acevedo, Anthony Atamanuik, Matt Besser, Joe Bill, Bob Dassie, Michael Delaney, Armando Diaz, Christina Gausas, Chris Gethard, Peter Gwinn, Rob Huebel, Anthony King, Billy Merritt, Dyna Moe, Kevin Mullaney, Shannon O'Neill, Ian Roberts, Jessica St. Clair, TJ & Dave, Charlie Todd, Jean Villepique, Matt Walsh

Sketch Teachers

Michael Delaney, Peter Gwinn, Charlie Sanders

Improv Substitute Teachers He Can Remember Off-Hand

This excludes people who were also his regular teacher at some point.

Owen Burke, Porter Mason, Lennon Parham, Charlie Sanders, Gavin Speiller

Other Trivia

  • Hidden in this entry is a message from a God-like being.
  • If you ask Hal for a mix tape of CD, it will likely come with liner notes longer than the combined liner notes of all the source material contained in that mix tape.