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The HUGE Improv Theater is an artist-led company dedicated to supporting the Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN) improv community through performance and education.

In an effort to raise the visibility of the Twin Cities as a destination for some of the best, unscripted theater in the country, HUGE seeks to establish a home for those who love improv.

HUGE supports growth and visibility of our local improv community by producing shows, including Improv-A-Go-Go (now in its eighth season) and the annual Twin Cities Improv Festival.

HUGE Theater is currently in fundraising mode. They hope to acquire a space for shows and classes soon.


HUGE Theater began in 2005 with five improvisational theater performers - Butch Roy, Jill Bernard, Joe Bozic, Mike Fotis, and Nels Lennes – forming to produce “Creature Feature” and a weekly showcase in Southeast Minneapolis called “HUGE Wednesdays”. Members of HUGE have gone on to perform and teach at many improv festivals from Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, and Atlanta to Juneau, Alaska. Since then, HUGE has continued to produce works including “Ka-Baam!” and “Punch-Out” as well as collaborations with other groups for the shows “An Evening with Splendid Things” and “Mix Tape” at the Bryant Lake Bowl.

Butch has taken over the longstanding Sunday night improv showcase “Improv A Go Go” and produces the Twin Cities Improv Festival, which concluded it’s third year in June 2009. Jill has traveled the country teaching and performing her acclaimed solo show “Drum Machine” and has been named “The Queen of Minneapolis Improv” by Chicago Magazine. Nels is directing Huge Theater productions and designing our website, while Mike and Joe are occupied as mainstage performers and educational directors for the Brave New Workshop, the nation's oldest satirical comedy theater.


  • Butch Roy, Executive Director,
  • Jill Bernard, Education Director,
  • Nels Lennes, Artistic Director,


  • PO Box 2376, Minneapolis, MN 55402
  • (651) 252-HUGE