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The Hillsdale Improvisational Theater Squad is an improv troupe was founded at Hillsdale High School in San Mateo, California at least two decades ago. For most of that time the HIT Squad, or HIT as it is known around the school, has had 10 or 12 players. HIT practices long and short form improv, theater sports, Harolds, and video improv.



The signature element of the HIT uniform is the "HIT Shirt," which is a t-shirt in a member's chosen color with white text of the member's first name on the front and the words "H.I.T. Squad" on the back. Each year, when new members are added to the team to replace those that have graduated, every player chooses their color in order of seniority.

During shows, players wear their HIT Shirt, blue jeans, and shoes that match their shirt. Traditionally, the preferred shoes were Converse All-Stars in a player's color.


The current HIT Squad (2013-2014) and their Colors, in Order of Seniority

Sam Rosen- Senior- Red

Tzv Stoinmenova- Junior- Light Blue

Connor Bard- Senior- Toothpaste Teal

Sam Barasch- Junior- Orange

Charlotte Moir- Sophomore- Lavender

Daniel Rosen- Sophomore- Blue

Roni Margalit-Sophomore- Forrest Green

Joe Fajnor- Senior- Maroon

Briana Ramirez- Senior- Purple

Ruby Guzalowski- Junior- Pink

Chris Boyd- Junior- Navy Blue

Diego Dew- Sophomore- Golden Rod

Lisa Rowland - Coach

Andy Sarouhan- Coach


The HIT Squad puts on many shows every year. These include weekly or biweekly lunch shows in which students pay 25 cents to watch half the team play 3 or 4 games, as well as larger shows. Currently, the two large shows are Improvapalooza, a 2 night collaboration with BATS Improv for theater sports and the HIT Shows, which are 2 nights of long and short form improv. Each year, they also compete in the ImprovOlympics, in which they face off against Aragon's Improv team (A.K.A. AIT).