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Group Game can refer to any large multi-player and Game-heavy scene, ususally involving the entire cast. In a traditional Harold, the Group Games occur after the first three scenes and then again after those scenes' second beats (see Beat). At its most generic, a Group Game is just any scene using everybody, but there are a few common types. Also, while certain games may definitely fall into one category or another, there are ocassionally crossovers of the different types.

The Boardroom Game

The Boardroom Game is a very simple group structure that can be used to quickly create a Group game. In it, one player begins the scene by saying "Hey you, (fill-in-the-blank), get in here," or somesuch variation thereof. Every other player then joins as members of the named group, and the first player moderates a meeting with this group. The Game can then explore the personalities of the group bouncing off of the pesonality of the moderator.


Here players move abstractly to embody concepts or actual objects. However, the players avoid having normal dialog, and instead communicate only through sound effects, gibberish, or simple repetitive phrases. The effect is often surreal and has the feel of performance art.


In a Presentational game, the players directly address the audience, either in character or as themselves. Energy is directed outward, not towards other players, although focus should pass very clearly and evenly among the players. Often this is used to embody a group of people, a concept, or group of concepts in order to tell a story or share opinions on a topic.


Very simply, a scene that involves a large number of people. It may portray a group of people in one place at one time, or a series of people moving through a space over time.


Former Magnet Megawatt team Oswald performs a silent, scenic group game.