Groundhog Day Show

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The Groundhog Day Show was performed by Stranger on February 2nd, 2011. It was part of Super Free Wednesday at The Peoples Improv Theater.


Stranger had only performed together 3 times, and were still deciding on what form they wanted to employ during their weekly shows at The PIT. In random conversation before the show, mention of Groundhog Day was made. While The Whiskey Rebellion finished their set (they played first in the 8pm time slot), Stranger developed a form on the spot and performed it without ever having practiced it before.

The Form

The Groundhog Day Show was a combination of a short form improv game, a group game and a monoscene. The group decided that the entire group would go onstage and pick an activity, and someone would initiate a group scene. That scene would eventually be wiped, the group would return to the same exact scene, same initiation line, but at some point, someone would alter the reality and the scene would go somewhere new. This would happen the entire show, a continuing reset of the same scene, ala the film Groundhog Day.

The Show

The setting turned out to be a laundromat that had recently been renovated from a children's candy store. With about five minutes left in the set, there was a time dash back to before the scene that had been re-occuring, where the old owner handed the keys over to the new one and made him swear to keep his candy store staff. Thus the players and setting from the re-occuring setting was justified. Twice in the set, Rob Stern pulled out a gun, shot and killed characters on stage.

After the show, the team wished the audience a happy Groundhog Day. Though successful, the form has not been done since.

The Performers