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Greg Tuculescu is the son of a Romanian immigrant and a Queens, NY native. After graduating from Rutgers College, where he major in English and Italian Literature, Greg worked for several years as a writer and editor for an educational publishing company. In March of 2004 he began taking classes at the UCB Theater and since then has been in many student shows. Greg is one of the founding members of the sketch comedy group Quiet Library. He also recently appeared in the independent TV pilot "Oh, Be Joyful!" and he can be heard weekly on the comedy podcast Boulevard East. Greg's last name is pronounced too-koo-less-koo.

While on Fwand, public perception held that Greg was the most normal member of the group. In fact, he is easily one of the weirdest. Weirder than Shannon O'Neill or Gil Ozeri, even.

Greg has a Romanian background. If you ask him about gypsies, you will immediately see his eyes light up as he frantically explains their role in his native land.

Greg recently expressed in the Green Room of the UCB Theater that he thinks he wouldn't feel too bad if he took a human life.

He is adept with accents. Korean is his funniest.