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Great White Narcs is an improv team in Iowa City, IA.

GWN was founded by Eric Moore, Jeff Lehman, and Kayleigh O'Malley in October 2013. The team studies UCB philosophies and also their own philosophies, which mostly include friendship, singing, snacks, dancing. They perform throughout the school year in the Iowa City/University of Iowa area at venues such as Public Space One and the Iowa Memorial Union. Additionally, GWN have performed in College Improv Tournament, The Malignant Humor Improv Festival, Floodwater Comedy Festival, and the Kansas Improv Festival. Their sibling troupes are Paperback Rhino and Janice.

GWN have produced two comedy shorts, Breaking Dad and Iowa Walking Club, both of which took first place in Funny Or Die's Viral Video competition in spring and fall 2014.

Current Performers: Niko Thiel, Elaine Stewart, Grady Stein, JT Ward, Hannah Zadeh, Noah Dorsett, Kerry Peterman

Alumni: Kayleigh O'Malley, Tony Ho Tran, Eric Moore, Christian Fischer, Jeff Lehman, Dave Cutler, Elsie How, Kylie Jansen, Gabe Basile, Cara Larson, Pete Baldwin, Emily Anderson, Marcus Pixley, Mitch Shepperd, Alex Moore, Jess Wade