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Gramps is a New York City based improv comedy duo formed in August of 2007 and still performs to this very day!


Chris Camp and Samantha Gurewitz


Chris Camp and Samantha Gurewitz originally met in Michael Delaney's Level 501 class at the UCBT in January 2007. In a particularly harsh class where everyone was hanging their head in shame from hard notes, Chris and Sam did a really fun scene about a baking soda volcano. Later, they performed with each other as a part of the independent team Fiefdom and formed Gramps as a side project.

Gramps first show occurred on August 20th, 2007 in the West Bushwick Bonanza at Laila Lounge in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.


Chris and Samantha developed their duo form while working with Armando Diaz in the Magnet Theater's Dynamic Duos class. They start the show by asking for a suggestion of a song title never written. With guitar in hand Chris and Samantha sing a made up song inspired by the suggestion. This leads into a longer improv scene (sans Guitar). Gramps then deconstructs the scene as they see fit. At the end of the show they tie the whole thing together by revisiting the intro song and adding verses to it.

Other Projects

  • Samantha currently performs as the lead singer in the band Danger Pin.
  • Chris currently performs at the Magnet Theater with Megawatt team, Chet Watkins.