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Founded in 2006, Gorilla Tango (GTT) is a theater located on the west side of Chicago (in the Wicker Park / Bucktown neighborhood). The theater run by Dan Abbatte (who trained at iO and Second City). GTT previously operated a space in Albuquerque, NM.

The theater features several improvised shows, sketch revues and independent plays - as well as quite a bit of burlesque. ('Boobs & Goombas: A Super Mario Brothers Burlesque', 'A Nude Hope: A Star Wars Burlesque' and 'Temple of Boobs: An Indiana Jones Burlesque'). They also staged several productions of "Acro-cats" (a show featuring acrobatic cats).

Training Center

GTT's Training Center offers seveal classes and workshops (for kids, teens and adults), as well as the 'Ensemble Improv Program' (EIP) - created by Travis Tack. EIP coaches include: Matt Castellvi, Kevin Mullaney, Tim Stoltenberg and Dan Wright.

In the past, the space has offered workshops by Jimmy Carrane, Jason Chin and Dave Razowsky.

Current Shows

That New Show

Past Shows

Mitzi's Variety Hour - Salsation - The Spectacular Show - Stir Friday Night - Stripper's Picnic - Wanted

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