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02/03/09 : Candyland.
02/03/09 : Candyland. They performed at [[Magnet Theatre]] as part of the Dynamic Duos class.<br>
3/15/09: Crate & Barrel. Performed at [[Thick as Thieves]] show with [[Bent/Lind]], [[Justin Bobby]] and [[Clements & Gardner]].<br>
4/5/09: Bologna. Performed at [[Froduce]]'s show with [[Taco Knight]] and [[Future Boys]].

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Gomez & Guest are a two person longform improv team which consists of Melissa Gomez and Jocelyn Guest. So far, her only guest has been Jocelyn.


Melissa Gomez and Jocelyn Guest met in a Shannon O'Neill 301 class on April 3rd, 2008. They became facebook friends later that night. Jocelyn and Melissa have together been taught in classes or workshops by : Will Hines, Joe Wengert, Joe Bill, Shannon O'Neill, Chris Gethard and Armando Diaz. They had their first duo practice on September 20th, 2008 with Sue Galloway and they realized that they might be in over their heads. They eventually took a duo class with Armando Diaz and banged out their form.

They also perform in Cheap Kitty together.

Thick As Thieves

On March 15th 2009 at 6pm, they will host a duo improv show called Thick As Thieves at The Creek in Long Island City. They hope it will revolutionize improv or at least bring back their favorite shows: Couples Skate and Ampersand.


02/03/09 : Candyland. They performed at Magnet Theatre as part of the Dynamic Duos class.
3/15/09: Crate & Barrel. Performed at Thick as Thieves show with Bent/Lind, Justin Bobby and Clements & Gardner.
4/5/09: Bologna. Performed at Froduce's show with Taco Knight and Future Boys.


Jocelyn and Melissa used to work 10 blocks from each other during the Fall of 2008 in the Flatiron District. They usually ate lunch at Shake Shack and Chipotle.

Jocelyn and Melissa also made up a form called Tubesteak, which they only perform on 14th St.