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Gold Star is a Harold team at iO Chicago (formerly Improv Olympic.) They perform the Harold in the iO Cabaret. Gold Star was formed in November 2008. Gold Star is currently the eighth longest-tenured team at iO (after Deep Schwa, Carl & The Passions, The Reckoning, Revolver, Virgin Daiquiri, Dart, and Henrietta Pussycat) and the longest-tenured team at iO to have been assembled from their graduating 5B class and to still maintain at least half of their original members.

Gold Star is part of the Family Tree-tenured groups that can trace their coaching to Improv Olympic's famous team The Family. Gold Star was coached by Sarah Gee, who was a member of Valhalla, which was coached by Liz Allen who was a member of Frank Booth. Frank Booth was coached by Craig Cackowski, a member of Mr. Blonde. Mr. Blonde was coached by Matt Besser, a member of The Family, who was coached by Del Close.

Memorable shows include "BELLY BUTTON LINT" (June17, 2010) aka the "Legend of Cats" show; "HAWAII" (August 10, 2010) aka the "Secret Farts" show; "STUCK" (February 8, 2011), "RAINBOWS" (April 15, 2011)


Current cast is John Douglass, Otis Fine, Matt Higbee, Christine Klein, Maria Randazzo, Megan Redfearn, Joey Romaine, Adam Rubin, Jamison Webb, and Mary Beth White. They are coached by Jay Olson.

Past cast members include Mike Daflos, Tom Dean, Will Hettinger, Tina Jackson, and Wolfgang Stein. Past coaches include Joe Burton, Danny Mora, Kevin Sciretta and Sarah Gee.