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Founded in November 2008, Go Comedy! Improv Theater is home to the growing improv and comedy communities in the Metro Detroit area. The theater features both long and short form improv, along with scripted shows on a weekly basis.


Voted Best Comedy Club by Real Detroit Weekly and Metro Times, Go Comedy! Is located in Ferndale[1], Michigan, and was founded by Pj Jacokes, Chris DiAngelo, Tommy LeRoy and Gerald Knight. The core of the theater is based on the principles of the 3 I’s: Integrity, Inspiration and Innovation.

Since 2008, Go Comedy! has grown beyond the theater to include Go U, Go Corp, and in the Fall of 2010 will include Go Youth. Every Wednesday the theater features Fresh Sauce – a free, weekly jam voted Best Open Mic by Metro Times where everyone is welcome to jump up on stage and have some improvised fun.

Contact Info

  • Address: 261 East Nine Mile, Ferndale, MI, 48220
  • Phone: 248.327.0575
  • Website: [www.gocomedy.net]
  • Emails: General - info [at] gocomedy.net
   Pj Jacokes – Producer/Director of Go U: The Improv Academy – pj [at] gocomedy.net
   Chris DiAngelo – Artistic Director – chris [at] gocomedy.net
   Tommy LeRoy – Building Manager – tommy [at] gocomedy.net
   Gerald Knight – President – gerald [at] gocomedy.net
   GoU: The Improv Academy - classes [at] gocomedy.net
   Bryan Lark - Director of Go Corp! - Corporate Shows, workshops and more - blark [at] gocomedy.net


  • Rock-O-Matic
  • The Go Comedy! All-Star Showdown
  • B.I.T.S. (Bailout Improv Tournament Spectacular)


  • The Mighty They
  • Generation Gap
  • Launchbox
  • Final End Game
  • Action Jackson
  • Vulcan Hipsters
  • Flight 1977


  • Pj Jacokes
  • Chris DiAngelo
  • Bryan Lark
  • Suzie Jacokes
  • Garrett Fuller
  • Matt Naas
  • Lauren Bickers
  • Tommy LeRoy